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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I moved the RSS feed and the whole podcast over to the new site --

That's where all the action is right now. C'mon over!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

View From the Pew Radio #15

00 Intro
:11 Solomon's Request -- "He Never Goes Away"
5:02 After The Order -- Take
8:18 Special Delivery
12:10 Psalm 13
14:19 Dev4Gamers Promo
14:50 Angel's Wake -- Going Home
18:25 Fallen Short -- Nothing Else Matters
22:25 Poor Rich Folk -- Leaves Like Eve's
26:17 News, Notes, and Credits

The music under the Psalm this week is "Eclipse" by Canopy, from the Podsafe Music Network.

And, as always --- FRAPPR MAP.

Friday, February 17, 2006

View From the Pew Radio #14

We're back! I survived technical nightmares to bring you more of the best Christian music that you won't hear on the radio!

:00 Intro
:39 Live Fish -- Your Hand
3:56 Three Cord Wonder -- Made Perfect
9:20 Promo: Silent Universe
13:44 PIF -- American Dream
18:30 Psalm 12
23:30 Barjudah -- Sunshadow
27:42 Jakob's Night -- Real
31:37 News, Announcments, and Credits

34:14 total this week. Check out our Frappr Map!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

View From the Pew Radio #13

Lucky #13!! FINALLY here!!!

:00 Intro
:44 PIF -- "Tolerate This"
4:10 Jamie Rowe -- "Valentine"
8:34 Three Cord Wonder -- "Best I Have to Offer"
11:33 Psalm 11
17:21 Promo: Podcast 411
18:10 Right Lane Vacant -- "Missing Piece"
20:46 After the Order -- "Let it Go"
24:00 Proven Theory -- "Set In Stone"
27:21 Tour Dates and Credits

Sorry for the long delay. Blast Your Podcast is down, and I've been tryiong to get something else set up. For now, the show is hosted at

Friday, December 23, 2005

View From the Pew Radio #12
The Christmas Show!

:00 Intro
:55 Angels Wake -- Going Home
4:34 Transistor Radio -- California in December (their website is temporarilly down right now)
7:25 Bride -- More Than Human
12:40 Luke 2
17:20 Promo -- Dev4Gamers
17:42 Guardian -- Shoeshine Johnny
22:05 Matthew Casteel -- The Nativity - Christmas Song
26:00 Credits

Some music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

CORRECTION!!! In the podcast I said Bride's new CD would be out in 2006. IT'S OUT NOW!! It's available for purchase here. Sorry for the goof, but I realized it right after I'd uploaded the file.

Listen to the show here: Image Hosted by

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

View From the Pew Radio #11

:36 The Mercy -- The Unseen
3:41 Chucky No Stars -- Divide, Devoid, Divine
7:40 Three Cord Wonder -- Can I Sit By You?
10:44 Psalm 10
16:43 Promo: Rename iPodder X Contest
17:42 Josh Martin -- Not an Easy Road
22:31 Silas -- Eternally Yours
25:51 Credits
27:52 Jonathan Coulton -- Podsafe Christmas Song

Total: 30:36

Thursday, December 01, 2005

View From the Pew Radio #10

The Extra Large version of the Pewcast -- just in time for the holidays!!!

:00 Intro
:38 Eowyn -- "Remedy" (purevolume)
3:48 7 Thunders -- "Time" (myspace)
7:11 Ripe -- "The Promise" (purevolume)
11:27 Psalm 9
14:14 Promo -- The Roadhouse
15:03 Breakin' the Bondage Blues Band -- "We Have Come to Have Church"
18:51 Jimmie Bratcher -- "Three Cords"
23:50 Neon Cross -- "Heartbreaker" (purevolume, myspace)
27:28 Holy Soldier -- "Promise Man" (purevolume, myspace)
32:40 PIF -- "Tolerate This" (purevolume, myspace)
36:05 Closing Credits

Add yourself to my Frappr map!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

View From the Pew Radio #9

:00 Intro
:45 Special Delivery -- "Cowardly Lion" (purevolume, myspace)
4:30 Promo: The Godcast Network
5:30 Barjudah -- "I Long" (purevolume, myspace)
9:45 Psalm 8
15:32 Right Lane Vacant -- "Hebrews 12" (purevolume, myspace)
20:00 Jimmie Bratcher -- "I See Red"
22:45 Promo: Podcast Pickle
25:11 Guardian -- "See You In Heaven" ( myspace)
29:42 Credits

30:59 total this week. If I had realized it, I'd have found an extra minute or two somewhere!

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Graphics by Prochein Amy.
Sunday at First Baptist has a site now -- check it out here. And subscribe!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

View From the Pew Radio #8

Extra music this week, from someone who isn't exactly an up-and-comer.

:00 Intro
:54 Solomon's Request: "Psycho" (purevolume, myspace)
4:08 And Stars Fell: "Shake the World Off"
8:17 Psalm 7
15:20 Promo: Podcast Expo 2005
15:50 Transistor Radio: "California in December" (purevolume, myspace)
18:42 Promo: Breakaway Podcast
20:24 ApologetiX: Look Yourself
26:35 Jamie Rowe: "Valentine" (purevolume, myspace)

I tried to do something creative this week, and Audacity didn't like it -- two sound effects didn't end up being played, even though I put them in the mix. Not sure what happened, but I'm going to see if I can do it next time. Unless someone wants to donate an Adobe Audition setup? (hehe)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

View From the Pew Radio #7

No blues show this week (again), but you won't mind, I'm sure. Great music from all new bands.

:00 AMP Opening
:02 Chucky No Stars -- "Divide, Devoid, Divine"
3:55 Intro
5:45 Five Small Worlds -- "The Intersection"
10:05 Psalm 6
15:53 Promo for The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
18:16 PIF -- "Tolerate This"
21:48 Fallen Short -- "Pressure Point"
26:00 Closing Credits

Total: 27:48

At purevolume: Chucky No Stars, Five Small Worlds, PIF, Fallen Short.

Monday, October 10, 2005

View From the Pew Podcast #6

{Trying to see if this will post this time -- sorry to everyone who is getting this twice!}

Mixed bag podcast this week, as I try to get things finalized for the blues 'cast.

:00 AMP opening
:05 Show Intro (co-starring my daughter!)
6:20 Coram Deo -- "Freedom"
10:03 Bored-Again Christian promo
11:03 Psalm 5
21:31 The Mercy -- "The Unseen"
25:31 Jimmie Bratcher -- "Three Chords"
30:00 Credits

31:47 total this week. I'm looking at bumping the show up to 45 minutes starting next week, if I can get enough music.

File hosting thanks to Temple Stark at Blast Your Podcast.
Graphics courtesy of Amy at Prochein Amy
Check out The Aquamarines, and tell them that I sent you!!

My Odeo Channel (odeo/3845f778ee865cfb)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

View From the Pew Radio Pewcast #5

It's been a little while, but we're back!!! This show is a salute to the bands I found at Purevolume.

:00 AMP tag
:05 Transistor Radio -- "Getaway"
3:32 Show Intro/Opening
5:02 Poor Rich Folk -- "Grace"
8:22 Hoo Hoo Nick podcast promo
8:50 Psalm 4
12:15 Three Cord Wonder -- "The Best I Have to Offer"
21:08 Ripe -- "The Promise"
28:47 Barjudah -- "Sunshadow"
33:00 Closing announcements and Credits

Total this week is 37:12. A little longer since you all had to wait!

The Sunday at First Baptist podcast can be subscribed to using this link:

Check out each artist's website (above) AND their Purevolume sites (below)
The music under the closing credits is "My Wonderful Shadow" from The Aquamarines. Check them out, too!

Monday, September 12, 2005

View From the Pew Radio Pewcast #4

This is the unplugged edition!

Show ID
:19 Josh Martin -- "Hold Me Now"
6:06 Intro
9:27 Poor Rich Folk -- "One of Those Days"
13:15 Psalm 3
20:27 Right Lane Vacant -- "Stopping Short"
23:53 Bands on tour and closing credits

29:00 total.

Thanks as always to Amy for the graphic at the top of the page, and Temple Stark at blastyourpodcast for file hosting.

New this week -- View From the Pew is an official member of AMP -- the Association of Music Podcasting.

Poor Rich Folk and Josh Martin are also at, so make sure you check them out there as well. Right Lane Vacant can also be heard at Indie Artist Management's web site, along with some other bands you'll hear in the near future on the Pewcast.

Josh Martin is travelling with Drew Worsham right now -- check out Drew's site for the latest concert schedule. They are also supporting NAMB's program Power Plant.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pewcast Promo

I've just finished my first promo. If you're a podcaster, download it and use it with my blessings -- just don't change or mutilate it! (Creative Commons license and all that)

View From the Pew Radio Pewcast #3

Episode 3 is here!!

No real featured artist this week -- I look back at Three Cord Wonder and forward to two bands I hope to feature in the near future.

:00 Show ID
:02 Proven Theory -- "Set In Stone"
3:23 Show intro/disaster relief plug
7:04 Three Cord Wonder -- "Something to Prove"
10:58 Katrina PSA
11:30 Psalm 46
20:24 Eowyn -- "Remedy"
23:33 Upcoming projects and closing credits

26:45 total.

I know -- the shows are getting shorter. Next week will be a bit longer, more than likely.

Check out all of the artists on today's show at their Purevolume pages: Three Cord Wonder, Proven Theory, and Eowyn. Also check out Eowyn's CD at CDBaby.